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Holiday Cheer…..

Merry Christmas to all who are reading and blogging!

New Years Eve is fast approaching and some of you may be going through the Holiday Season for your first time or maybe it’s your 100th, no matter, it’s hard at times for all of us. It doesn’t always come down to missing the drink or drug, it could be the people or places your used to being with or visiting.

I try too take time to be alone with my thoughts and remember the good times but also remember why it has to be the way it is. Work through it in your mind, don’t retrace to much or think to much. Remember now how happy you have been since you have decided to stop the cycle of torture on yourself, even if they are minut, small milestones, think of good things. It’s a New Year. It’s time for a New You!

So, here are some pointers for you to think about doing to help you get through New Years without a drink or drug on your mind or in your hand.

  • Take some time as I said above, make a plan and stick to it.
  • Go shopping, or ask a friend if you can raid her closet for a knock out outfit. Come on ladies, you need to Glam it up!
  • Think of your favorite refreshing non-alcoholic drink, one you can stand to drink all night. Make sure wherever you are going can supply you with what you want or bring your own.
  • Drink your drink of choice in a glass you would normally use to drink out of, that way it stops people from questioning “why” your not drinking.
  • Have a plan of exit if you need to leave. It isn’t fun being stuck somewhere you don’t want to be with people who have NO idea!
  • This last one is a must, prepare yourself to let yourself go and get out there and dance the night away and be YOU, sober.

But you must, look forward to the New Year as one that will make people turn and say, “Oh my, who is that stunning beauty”?

Don’t forget to smile, feel the happy and soar, your new life is waiting…

Happy New Year,

This is, Being Me Sober


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