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I’m here to share my journey with those suffering from an addiction. Offer support and share what  happened, how I got to the point of alcoholism and how I managed to come back and stay alcohol free.

How did I stop/quit?

It was a Sunday spring morning and I had been on an all nighter. When I returned home, ready for a fight, full of anxiety, shame, embarrassment, and worst of all so so angry. I was given an ultimatum. I was told by my boyfriend, now husband, I would lose him and the kids, mine included, if I didn’t quit drinking. They had enough. Enough of the unperdictability, the person I turned into during a weekend binge ending in blackout rage.

It took time, endless time, endless talks, endless promises, endless manipulation, so much hurt, and finally my greatest fear,  loss. It took that fear to realize I had no choice but to give up alcohol or lose my family.

I admitted myself to the mental health unit the morning of May 24th 2009. I was broken.

I got out of the madness and haze of alcohol induced feelings and emotions and became someone I had been searching for for years. I am healthy, happy and excited to share with you the triumphs and turmoil I went through to get to where I am today. Why alcohol was such an important part of my life. Why I thought it was good for me or there was nothing wrong with me. The classic, “It’s them, not me.”

My mission here is to help people get to where they need to be in life without the stimulants we find necessary to function or cope. It may not happen right away and you will go through many ups and downs but if you commit to a better you and better life, you will find the answers you are looking for.

Let’s start bettering you for YOU.

Your journey and candidness is inspiring. Looking forward to following. :)

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