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What do they think….

There are so many emotions I went through in the beginning of this amazing journey. Some of them being, what will people think of me, what will they say, will they like me, and so on.  That and other thoughts ran through my mind when I decided to get sober.

I will admit I am not really a normal recovering alcoholic because I still love going to bars, mind you, they need to be of my taste, not some old, hole in the wall. I prefer a pub, a beach bar etc. I still have so much fun, I love all the people, the music and the atmosphere. It also reminds me again of why I don’t drink but can be quite comical or very sad at times too.

My husband and I have a place in Florida and there is a bar at the beach we go to, see our friends and hang out for a couple hours. I can leave if I want, if it gets to much, so I have an escape outlet, or we just leave when I’m ready.  We’ve met some really great people there. They know I don’t drink and I have had many compliments, given mini counselling sessions, and some people that ask why I am there if i don’t drink.

We went yesterday to celebrate New Year’s Day and watch the football game with some friends. While I was standing there a gentleman that I’ve seen a few times, said hello, that kind of thing. He comes over and shakes our hands and says Happy New Year then puts his arm around me and says, “Your my idol,” “oh, why’s that?” I ask, (geez, I don’t even know his name!!) he then says, “I’ve been watching you you know and I have to say, it is absolutely amazing that you come here and never have even one drink, one sip! You are always so happy and full of life”. “Awe, well I said, my family is why I don’t drink, they are what’s important than anything else in this world.” He continues, “You are a special lady and I wish I could do what you have done, cheers to you!”

I was so amazed that someone would come up to me and share what he thinks of me or see’s when I am there, or what other’s may see or think when they see “me”. Maybe nothing all, but it’s okay.

My husband was and is so proud of me and he told me as much yesterday. He continues to be the centre and reason for my sobriety as well as our children and of course myself.

I wanted to share this to let people know who are struggling or doubting that there is such a wonderful NEW life waiting for you, just keep going.

The next time you wonder “what do they think”,  remember this somewhat stranger and his words. YOU are amazing and so worth it and so is what’s ahead for you and me!

This is, Being Me Sober

2 thoughts on “What do they think….”

  1. It’s lovely that he sees your life shining. I expect he has his own alcohol issues. Maybe some day he will come looking for advice.

    It’s funny – we go to tons of heavy metal concerts and people often stop me to say how joyful I look. I know it’s because I embrace every moment of the music sober. I love life.

    In the end sobriety is just a better way to live. Nothing is missing. It’s so much more.

    Keep shining!

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