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When I heard on the radio last week that a women is suing the lottery company for ruining her life after she hit the jackpot, I was ashtonished. Really? Are we that far out of our minds that someone will blame another for the luck of good fortune that comes into their lives such as the lottery?  Well, yes. We all blame others for what is wrong in our lives.

The lottery didn’t ruin her/his life, they did by how they acted and chose to spend their riches. The lottery didn’t say, “With this money you must…..”

No matter what we are not taking responsibility for in our life, there is at one point, when we have to accept and blame only ourselves.

We are quick to lay blame for what it is that has caused us to be where we are today.

It’s easier that way, we don’t have to be responsible in a way to fix it or make it right because well, it wasn’t our fault!

During my drinking days I would always blame those who hurt me for why I drank and became an alcoholic. No! I chose to pick up that glass and refill it every time it was empty or till I had no more booze left. Because I was in a bad marriage wasn’t why I was an alcoholic, that is the way I chose to deal with it instead of leaving 5 years before I did. Of course it was inevitable because it is a disease but if I chose to not deal with it with a bottle I may not have been subjected to as much abuse as my son and I were.

I can no longer blame my parents for the childhood I had that made me an alcoholic. I accepted my fate and dealt with it by accepting responsibility for MY ACTIONS and stopped!

No matter what it is in life that you are blaming others for, stop and look in the mirror and take a really good look at your own actions and choices and then maybe there will be some blame to lay but before you do, make sure it is for good reason.

This is, Being Me Sober

3 thoughts on “Blame…..”

  1. I think there’s a book written – The Death of Common Sense- about all of this. Written shortly after the woman who filed a lawsuit against Mc D’s for burning herself on their hot coffee. The state of our world happens to be, because of the people populating it- even more so than the politicians. No moral code or taking responsibility what so ever. Love you being you sober!


  2. Personal responsibility is a beautiful thing. The thing about being in the thick of your addiction is it takes personal choice away to an extent. It’s like sleepwalking through your life, you don’t even realise you are doing it until something happens to wake you up. One can look at your past and parents to gain a clearer understanding about your thought patterns and behaviours. I think that once you are over 21 the ship sails of blaming your parents for everything in your life. This applies to normal people obviously there are exceptional cases of horrendous things happening to an individual. That is trauma and something altogether different.

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