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Asking for help……

I read a book recently wrote by Elizabeth Vargas off 20/20, Between Breaths. Well written and so honest. Such a triumphant thing for her to do as she bares all in the real life off camera totally exposed self. Great job Elizabeth!

First let me say what a battle she went through to become sober. Something she tried so hard to do for so long. The grips of alcoholism had her and was not letting go. The mind, the anxiety and fear she felt every waking day. To ease her anxiety and fears she, like many of us, found alcohol to ease the pain and fears of a traumatic childhood or experience.

One of my favourite parts of the book was when she was in her 3rd stint of rehab, a horrible jail like place where you were basically cut off from the outside world.

It was her 2nd time at this facility and it was not going well. It wasn’t working for her.

A fellow facility worker and friend introduced her to a companion coach who brought Elizabeth back to life. Before leaving the facility, the patients and family members had a game let’s say, where they had to be blindfolded and follow a rope to find their way out of the maze and to home base. They were told to raise their hands if they had questions or needed something. Along the way Elizabeth kept hearing people come through the finish line and welcomed home. She was getting frustrated and angry that she kept bumping into walls and could not find the exit when everyone else seemed too, so easily.

Finally after hitting her 15th wall she raised her hand. Teddy, the facilitator came to her and asked what she needed. “I need help!” she cried. He took off her blindfold and welcomed her home. That was the way out of the maze, asking for help.

That is the way out of any addiction or anything you need help with in life. Ask for help. It is such a hard thing for us to do. Why? Does it make us look bad or weak? Is it because we have to let people in to see the real person you think you are?

Quote. “We all need help. We can’t think our way out of addiction. We can not will our way out. The first step to recovery is raising your hand and asking for help” end quote.

Isn’t that the truth. So many times I tried to convince myself that I never had a problem, I could control the consumption and I would do and be better.

Our intentions are there and we really do not want to live a life like this but we have gotten lost along the way and did things that we thought were helping us, not killing us. It works for only a short time until it doesn’t work anymore and you and everyone that loves you are begging for help.

I would highly recommend this book and would like to congratulate Elizabeth on her honesty and sharing her way through addiction and the consequences she has to deal with as a result. Not all bad but, some we can never forgive ourselves for.

With that I say, forgive yourselves for the past. It wasn’t you who made those bad decisions and choices, it’s the disease that had a hold of us until we had the strength and support we needed to come out on top and ask for help.

Make each and every day better than the last…..sober.

This is, Being Me Sober

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