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Can I say it has been awhile?

Hello fellow warriors! Yes, it has been awhile since I last wrote.

So, what’s happening? Other than, ugh, the whole world against Science, Government, friends, family. How did we get here? How are you coping with what’s happening around you every day? How are you spending your free time?

Myself, I’ve been creating, creating Art. Creating a soul reaching gratitude, and profoundly therapeutic hidden talent that I never knew existed in myself. I sat down one day, just a few months before this pandemic and, just started painting.

It was 2019 when I started to paint, and I wondered if this was just another random thing I seem to find myself indulging in at times and losing focus and excitement. But, here I am writing almost 2 years later, with a basement, aka – Studio, full of my creations, with every colour paint, every size canvas, ready to get at it.

It is a passion that has brought me so much joy. I now have 2 legitimate sales under my belt and hope to have more. I have a clothing line that I am playing with and a few other things on the go that I have to keep secret right now…to be continued. Although I never started painting to Sell or make it a business, but after friends and family started telling me to Sell my Art, I created KPZ Art this past summer.

I create because it makes me feel something so satisfying that I awake at 5am thinking of what I want to work on next. This passion and fire in my soul is something that I owe to my sobriety.

Every year of sobriety gives us something. You grow, you grow into the person you are here to be, the person you can be proud of! Let your greatness come alive. Whatever that may be. Just continue on your sobriety journey first and foremost, the rest will fall into place as it should.

My message to all of you who took the time to read or are new to my page, GROW!

Take chances, listen to your intuition, never think you don’t have it in you or you can’t do something. I am one of those people that said, “I have not one ounce of artistic ability!” Look at me now, I am not saying I am the next Picasso, but I didn’t give up when it didn’t turn out the way I wanted, I fixed it. I use to walk away from things, I never had patience. I didn’t have or want to give time to anything attitude.

The problem, I didn’t believe in myself!

Uncover the hidden that is within….KP

This is Being Me Sober

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