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A lot has happened in 2 years.

Pandemic 2020, George Floyd, BLM movement, de-funding the police, and court hearings for shootings against people of color, and finally the grave sites that were discovered just outside of Saskatchewan that held over 1500 bodies of Native CHILDREN. Children who died because of what they represented and because of their heritage. I needed to do something. What could I possibly do for change to happen or atleast try to make a change? I’m just one person in a world that has so much devastation.

As I mentioned in my previous posts I discovered Art and painting. I painted a picture one day of a Flamingo and Bumblebee. As I walked by it, an idea, a story came to my mind. A story about a friendship. About a Flamingo and Bumblebee becoming friends. Being very different beings, they take a chance and learn about each other and out of that forms a very good friendship. This is how I can spread the word and maybe make a difference.

My thoughts are to direct this to children as we can help them learn, explore and accept different beings. Not dismiss, ignore or judge others because of their differences.

I hope you will join me in spreading this message to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc.

You can find my book here through the following sources: – Copy and paste the links to your browser

ISBN: 978-1-03-913110-1, ISBN: 978-1-03-913111-8, ISBN: 978-1-03-913112-5

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Kindle and all e-book channels.

Let’s educate our children and make a change!

This is

Being Me Sober

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