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You’re not alone….

Anxiety…Ugh, have you been cursed with that?

I have, at times, severe. Like I need anything else on my plate! I also know I am not alone.

When I first started experiencing anxiety I thought it was my nerves. I never really knew what anxiety was, or the correct name for my “nerves” going off the rails.

I spoke to a friend the other day when she shared her feelings and how she was dealing with them.  She felt bad because all she wanted to do was be alone and sleep.

These are typical signs and symptoms of anxiety along with sweats, shaking, stomach summersaults, and a totally uneasy feeling of disparity  and depression. It is not pleasant!

A few things I suggested for her to do was to sleep! Not all day, but have naps, sleep in if you can, try to get out for a while and either take a walk or go somewhere you enjoy to take your mind off things. Start journaling about your feelings, its amazing what comes out of you when you write. Try stay away from to much caffeine, replace it with different herbal teas instead.

When anxiety hits it can come from any source and sometimes for no reason at all.

Here are somethings that may help when we get hit by anxiety:

*Talk to someone about how your feeling

*Try yoga

*Listen to your favorite music


*Colour (ya, its still cool at our age!)

*Practice breathing technics

*Get your comfy clothes on with a cozy blanket and watch a great movie

*Cry, we need to release this energy, so don’t hold back if you just want to cry!

*Talk to someone, you’re not alone! (This is so important, hence the repeat)

*Stay away from too much caffeine

*Go through old stuff in your home and organize, its amazing what you find that you forgot about.

*If your anxiety is caused by someone close to you, stay off social media where there’s a chance you will encounter them.

Find something that helps you and repeat.

When I saw my friend that day and we shared our stories and fits with anxiety, I never knew how I made her feel by just sitting, sharing and listening to her. She has thanked me so much and told me how good it made her feel that she’s not alone and there is someone who understands what it’s like.

At times when we feel isolated and misunderstood, there is someone out there that knows exactly what we go through…..You’re not alone.


This is, Being Me Sober



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