Mental Health


I was taught to respect people

I was taught not blame others and accept responsibility

I was taught to be honest

I was taught to be a good person

I was taught to not hit people or be physically violent

I learned to be quiet when I should of spoke up

I learned to hide

I learned to repress my emotions

I learned to be angry

I learned how to be someone I wasn’t to cope

I learned the effects of alcohol

I learned how to live sober

I learned who he really is

While growing up I was taught how to do the above and I learned from the person who taught me is none of what he teaches or preaches. I am confused at how I can practice and learn such important values in life and the person who taught me doesn’t accept and/or follow.

How is that possible? Was he trying to teach me how to not be like him?


This  is, Being Me Sober



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