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The Judge….

There was a DUI case I was following about a young and beautiful,  21 year old who decided to get behind the wheel of her car after binge drinking for 4 hrs. I must say though, she has had a past of drinking heavily and experiencing black-outs. At this particular time she had a few days of soberly  under her belt, 5 days to be exact, when she got in her car.

How do I know all of this?

I know her, very well, she is my daughter.

While at her hearing the  Judge was very gentle with her and said  it was his fault, the justice systems fault, for not getting through to people about the consequences with drinking and driving and especially, young adults. There has to be harder punishment and more awareness.

He lectured our daughter about how he was not mad, he was disappointed.

He continued by telling her that she did not have to “quit” drinking. You just can’t drink and get behind the wheel of a car.

I was flabbergasted! How can he tell her, or anyone for that matter, you don’t have to “quit” drinking!

He has NO idea of her struggles with alcohol. Her black out episodes or her lack of control over alcohol. Those are words of excitement for an alcoholic. He assumes, like I did when it first started to get a little crazy, it’s her age, she’ll grow out of it…all those excuses to deni the truth of an alcoholic.

The Judge made a mistake that day. He should never tell anyone, especially at a DUI hearing that, “They don’t have to “quit” drinking.

He said the justice system should be more aware, why don’t they start with that. Be “aware” of who they’re talking too while they sit behind their podium and express opinions or comments.  Maybe that’s why they call it Blind Justice, they don’t see past the person they are sentencing or lecturing.

We as alcohol or drug addiction survivors need to do something about the epidemic of drinking/drugs and the young people today that are getting so caught up in what they think is cool or fun.

It is a deadly decease and they seem to be immune to the consequences of what can really happen.

We need to take action!

This is, Being Me Sober







3 thoughts on “The Judge….”

  1. I can’t believe he said that! when I first went to AA I was 20. (I was arrested for public drunkeness) and my mom said I need to go. When I got to AA the people just looked me up and down like I had no right to be there. I was too young to be an alcoholic! People said I would grow out of it. I was sober for 5 years after that and then started a long battle of relapses and alot of sh*t I could probabaly have spared myself if I only knew that this is not something you outgrow.This is drug addiction and it’s


  2. I think anyone involved in a drinking and driving incident should be counselled to never drink again.

    I’m sorry your daughter is struggling. I hope she has found some help and realizes there’s so much more to life than booze.

    It must be a hard thing for a 21 year old to consider..


    1. Hi, Yes I totally agree with you about counselling. It is so sad and awful that there are so many young people getting this! There were 4 cases of dui’s in a matter of the 2 hours we were there!! Way to many!
      We are working together to get her better and I pray everyday!


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