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Finding peace with a Support animal….

Growing up we always had a family dog. I have found that I have a special connection with animals. I don’t know if it is because I am a huge animal lover or they can really feel how much I adore them.

When I suggested to my husband that we get another dog, he was hesitant of course because we had a house full already of kids and a pug!

I was 3 months sober when our Golden Retriever, Molly, came into our lives. What a blessing she has been.

She lay with me and never left my side when I was sad, or happy for that matter, and could sense when things were not going well for me. Whether she gave me a paw on my leg or looked at me with her big brown eyes almost telling me, “It will be okay mommy.” If things were stressful for me when I had urges to drink I would take her for a walk or just sit and talk to her and pet her.

We purchased a condo in Florida with a “NO PET” policy and after some time I started to realize how hard it was for me too not have Molly with me , so I took the steps necessary too have her registered as an Emotional Support Animal. It was not difficult, however you do need a doctors note and proof of your support needs to qualify.

So, with proper documents in hand and filled with excitement because Molly would be joining us at the condo, after all it is illegal for them to refuse her. I filled out the necessary papers for the condo board and sent it off. They got back to me within 24hrs with a NO! What! Oh no! What could I do now.

I told my husband that we either get a lawyer/attorney or we are buying a house down South because I will not and can not travel without Molly.

I was determined and angry that they were breaking the law and saying no to me. Doing a lot of research I came across a website for such things and was given a lawyer/attorney name and number and we were set to fight! After months of arguing with the board they had no other choice but too allow Molly too come to the condo. It is illegal for any board, company or condo corp to deny your Service/Emotional support animal.

After all was done and the condo board relented and said yes, we never heard anything from the attorney who helped me/us. She didn’t ask or send a bill for payment. It’s almost like she was my angel helping me. She was just gone. I hope she knows how grateful we are that Molly can be with us when we travel. Another amazing thing is that she is able to ride on the plane with me. She just goes under the seat in front of me and sleeps the whole way. Oh, and she is a star at the airport!

The moral of the story is that when you decide too become clean and sober, may I suggest a pet? They are an amazing companion too help in your journey. Just the love, happiness and support they give too us is unimaginable, we don’t realize how much they really do for our soul and health.

I will be forever grateful for my furbaby (and the attorney). Molly has been one of my major support systems in getting sober. She brings a smile too my face everyday and fills me with endless love.

If you are thinking of getting a pet and need to have them registered here is the information:

National Service Animal Registry – 1866-737-3930

Have a pawfect day!

This is Being Me Sober…..


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