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How is “success” measured….

That word, success, successful, succeeded….let’s put money out of heads for a bit, I know as well as everyone that money, yes it does help but, it’s not everything and it’s certainly not the most important thing.

We’ve all wondered and asked ourselves, “Am I successful?” Most think of money as a sign or symbol of how “successful” they are in life or how they want the world to see them, a statement is made shall we say.

I myself was guilty of what I perceived as success. What I thought was, you had to have a lot of money, a high exec position, cars, etc. because I wasn’t making as much money as I felt I should have, or as much as other members of my family. I didn’t look at myself as a successful person. I have always worked hard, I actually had my own business that yes, it was, “successful” in the eyes of perception, but  Istill did not think/feel I was successful, enough.  I lacked the feelings and knowledge or sight of what real success is and means.

Success to me today is what you have done, how you’ve behaved or what you’ve accomplished in your life thus far. Not about money or material things you have collected, not about what car you drive, or the size of house you live in. It’s about things that matter, it’s about you, your children, your family, your friends and how you look at and treat the life and world in which you live.

It’s about being truly happy with yourself, with few regrets, and the way you have lived and how you present yourself throughout your life, how you have treated others and how they treat you is an example of success. How will you want to leave your mark on the world? Imagine listening to someone at a funeral, “Ya, he/she had it all, so successful, but he/she was so miserable.” Or “They didn’t have much, but they were such a happy family!”

If someone asked me today, if I have been successful in life, I would give a difinitive, YES. I have raised 2 awesome kids, I have an amazing husband and 2 beautiful (step) daughters, (hate that word) I have survived and conquered a chaotic childhood and healed internally and externally.  I broke the chain with my children by not abusing them physically or emotionally. I have kept up my sobriety for myself and my family. There are so many things that I have succeeded in or at so far. I didn’t really see success that way, I saw it as many of us do, money, image, perception.

So, ask yourself, are you “successful” in the ways that really matter.
This is Being Me Sober…

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