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The Doctors….

There has been a lot of talk lately about teens over dosing on heavy drugs such as heroin and cocaine. But the strange thing is, is that these healthy, full of life people (kids) started by going to see their family doctor about an injury at school . The doctors prescribe them pain killers such as percocet, oxycodone etc for the pain. When the doctors feel they have had enough they would no longer prescribe the drugs, which then leads the patient to seek the “high” or self medicate for pain and they turn to heroine or cocaine or any other potent life killing drug.

I know of someone very close to me that had been suffering with pain and started taking percocet to ease the pain and before you know it she was hooked.

She now suffers from nausea, IBS, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and mood disorders due to the perks. She is in and out of doctors offices and getting poked and every bit of her body scanned to find the cause and source of the pain.

You have to know that she was a very active women who is now pretty much bed ridden, in constant pain and depressed because she can not do anything she used to be able to do.

These doctors prescribe these deadly drugs, pharmaceutical companies continue to make and sell these deadly drugs and pretty much get away with murder as far as I am concerned.

Something needs to be done with the prescription drugs these docs are allowed to give to our children or family members. I am not sure what that is yet but, I have read a lot about marijuana and the benefits it has for pain and depression. Marijuana is illegal still on the streets, but it is accessible through clinics, legally. It’s a natural form of pain relief and can boost your serotonin in the brain to lift your spirits when suffering form pain or mental depression. There are a lot of benefits to the drug that doctors need to pay attention to and stop killing with the powder synthetic drugs they push on to our family and friends.

This is, Being Me Sober.


2 thoughts on “The Doctors….”

  1. Drugs are scary. And alcohol fits in that category.
    I don’t think modern medicine is out to get us all, but I do think we would be wise to consider alternate health practices. I have found support with a Ayurvedic doctor.

    Before I go to any doctor I now ask myself what I’m hoping to find.

    The medical system is very good at making us feel like something is wrong with us…which becomes self defeating.

    I hope your friend finds a solution.


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