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Hello all and Happy New Year!

I have been a member of a really good online group called “In The Rooms”. It’s a site that gives meetings online so anyone who has a computer and internet can attend. It has been really good to become a member and helps remind me of the things that I had once been succumbed to, such as, being, POWERLESS. Being POWERLESS over a situation or a disease that has your life. I was POWERLESS over alcohol.

I was POWERLESS over that voice in my head that told me not to drink, to stop drinking, to not black out, to not lose my shit! I was POWERLESS to know when enough was enough, and POWERLESS over my emotions because I couldn’t handle it, or anything else for that matter, while I was drinking.

That’s part of the alcoholism, a mental disease, the POWERLESSNESS of our minds not allowing us to escape the need, the want of something that is not healthy or good for you or anyone around you. POWERLESS.

Once you realize you do have the POWER to stop your mind, stop your behavior and manage your emotions with a clear and sober head, the world you live in becomes manageable and POWERFUL. You control your thoughts, actions and attitude. But, only when you see and admit that you are POWERLESS and change what it is that has taken over the person you truly are and are meant to be.

Stop….Think…..Breath…..Relinquish the POWER that we all hold in us.

Be a POWER-HOUSE when embarking on your journey.

For anyone interested in checking out the website here is the link:


This is, Being Me Sober

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