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I applied for Interior Decorating in College but my plans were interrupted.

I was kicked out at 18 years of age for reasons that I did not understand. I was accused of things I never did. I was suppose to attend college in the Fall.  I had no where to go and no one to run too. My father was living in the States with his new family and it was a time when I was estranged from my mother.

Yes, I was a typical teenager. I had my girlfriends over when I was babysitting my sister every weekend. We would drink and sit around and sing Tiffany songs! Nothing bad, no cops, or out of control parties where the whole neighborhood shows up and destroys the house. I was a young girl who had innocent fun. I did not deserve to be kicked out at the age of 18 with no where to go.

As I sit and ponder those days I wonder what my life would have been like if I was able to attend College. Would I have become successful in my passion and career of choice? Was I meant to be where I am today and experience the path that I did and I am on? Today I have no regrets or lasting resentment for what my step mother did at that time.  In fact, we are very close today and I sometimes thank her for kicking me in the ass and teaching me responsibility. As bad and wrong as it was, it played a huge part of who I am today.

I learned to be independent, I learned that if I wanted to make something of myself I had to do it on my own which made me stronger.

My plans were interrupted but today I am thankful for where I am and all I have learned, from something so wrong and terrifying at a young age.

When your plans are interrupted there is always a reason. Maybe one you don’t like or understand at the time but when you ponder, don’t hold grudges, regrets or self pity, you are where you are suppose to be, no matter how bleak or bright. Turn your interruptions into something positive and know it was meant to be.

This is, Being Me Sober

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