Mental Health

Liquid Courage…..

We thought we were strong when we were intoxicated. We didn’t need anyone but ourselves. We could take on the world, alone. If that’s what it took. They never understood us. All this blaming and accusing us of having a problem….wait and see what we can do without them! We yell, scream, fight like we are undefeated.

Then we wake up, sober up and beg for forgiveness. We feel weak and ashamed. Where did that power go? There is no power when we are intoxicated. It is imaginary and our addiction wanting us to succumb to the power of the demons that keep us going back to the bottle or drug.

We all know this courage and can relate to it once we are sober/clean. It is not who we really are. We are fighting ourselves really, and trying to convince all those around us what power we think we have, but having no power at all.

This is Being Me Sober….



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