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Did you ever try diluting your drinks?

If you’ve ever said to yourself and others, maybe I’ll try diluting my drinks so it won’t be so potent and maybe I won’t freak out, black out, or do anything but pass out!

I use to blame it on not eating before/while I drank. It would buy me some time between slip ups and I could still drink. Excuses.

I also thought it was because I was close to my monthly visit from The Lady in Red…

I thought maybe the wine had to much alcohol content.

I’m sure there are some really good excuses out there that I never thought of. They were and are all excuses trying to be in constant denial of not being able to control my drinking.

I finally realized that diluting my drinks was not helping and I eventually came to the same result every time I drank.

Moderation was never for me. Why drink if you aren’t going to get drunk. What’s the point? Why drink?

Diluting, excuses and denial will never help us.

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3 thoughts on “Diluting….”

  1. I agree. That thought…why drink if you can’t get drunk…is what stops me from taking the first drink now.
    I don’t just want one.
    I definitely diluted. And at one time I allowed myself one drink a day max and I often had a shot. Clearly a problem there!

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  2. I tried drinking white wine spritsers for a while…that didn’t help I just ended up drinking more drinks and going to the toilet more often. I was never under the dillusion that I was drinking for the taste, I knew full well I wanted the effect. Its easier for me not to drink at all as one drink is such a foreign concept. Like you say…what’s the point?

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