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I can still hear my dad saying “Slow down Kelly.” Even into my 30’s he was still saying it.

It seems everything in my life I have done, I have done it quickly, expecting immediate results. When I didn’t get the instant results I wanted I either got very frustrated or gave up cause it wasn’t working. I didn’t know patience.

My mother told me I was on Ritalin as a child that I had ADD. I was into my early 40’s when she told me! I was like, your telling me this now? And then well, it made sense. I can actually feel it in myself at times and it is me now telling myself to “slow down.” I mean even when I drank, I went all the way and FAST!

When it comes to stress of activities such as housework, homework, anxiety, etc,. Or emotions your not use to. You need to allow yourself to stop, and go slow. Take a breathe, relax, it will get done, if not in 5 minutes then 10.

I had to find a lot of patience when it came to sustaining from alcohol. There is no instant gratification, it is a long process and very delicate. You need to take it step by step, emotion after emotion and slow.

When I stopped drinking everything about me changed. I never took notice before because I was depressed and emotionally unstable. I couldn’t deal or recognize any of my emotions.

You hear all the time how great sobriety is and you think, huh, never worked for me, or will it work and how long does it take to feel great again or not have urges anymore.

The answer is in you, you have to have patience to get better. Your body and brain are healing and it takes time.

No matter what you do “slow down“. Don’t give up. Learn to go slow and have patience.

Being Me Sober

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