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A year in review…..

2018 was a year of change, new beginnings and new family members.

My husband and I became grandparents to a beautiful baby boy and became a Great Aunt and Uncle to not only one, but two babies. New lives to embrace and love. More family to have around the table at gatherings and holidays.

Our children are flourishing and heading down the path of success. It is an exciting time heading into 2019.

I finally accomplished one of my long time goals this past summer, which was becoming an Addictions Recovery Coach. Wanting too expand my learning and Coaching Career, in November I enrolled in a course to become a Life Coach. With everything life has thrown my way and my ability too come out a little scared but not broken, I will have the knowledge and expertise to help people in life, to show them they have what it takes to lead a life they desire and deserve to lead. My philosophy is this, what I have been through has given me the experience to help and support those with similar situations looking to be better, get better, and do better not only for themselves but for their families who love them and don’t want them to suffer anymore.

As I embark on my 10th year of sobriety, I look back not only at last year but from where I started my sobriety journey in 2009 to where I am now, mentally and physically. Where my family is now. Who is apart of my life and who have gone their own ways. I’ve learned that I no longer need what I thought I did or what I clung to before because I was so scared to let go. I didn’t know any different and had been so insecure and lost that I would settle for whoever and whatever love I could get.

Every year of sobriety brings new beginnings. Your eyes open wider, you see more clearly. Your circle get’s smaller because your no longer willing to accept what used to be okay. You become stronger and wiser. You love and become happier, you develop more respect for yourself year after year and are proud of yourself because of what you have accomplished that you couldn’t ever see happening in the past.

No matter what you are struggling with carried over from 2018, reach out and ask for help. Make a change for the better in 2019. It may seem like it is a battle you may not win but you’d be surprised at how strong you truly are. Enjoy the little things in life, take time for you, make changes you are afraid to make, take chances that you are considering to take, be determined, be strong and fight. Be the best you you know is in there. Most importantly, surround yourself with people who make you a better person and help you flourish in every avenue of life.

Wishing everyone a Happy 2019!

This is, Being Me Sober

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