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Recovery Coach, and why I became one….

After a year or so on my  sobriety journey, I started to have this urge to show and help people who’s life has gone array due to alcohol. I started to research job opportunities. What I wanted to be doing in life and although I have done many jobs throughout my years, not one thing I have done thus far has been more rewarding then helping and sharing with people from around the world what a great life it is to be without alcohol.  Abstaining from alcohol and being able to live a life that is filled with so much happiness and endless rewards. 

A few years back when I first heard of Coaching, I though it was/is a great concept and new way of helping those struggling in life. It’s a new alternative to “therapy”, which can be difficult for some people to accept that they need therapy to help them and some never go because of the shame they feel is associated with “therapy”. “Something is wrong with me” type attitude. I believe everyone would benefit having a Coach or Therapist to guide their way when things are not going so well.

My life had been tainted by alcohol at an early age, directly and indirectly, and with it brought traumas not only to me but, to my family, friends and strangers that had the unfortunate exposure to see me at my worst.

When I reflect on my past, I don’t feel sorry for myself nor do I expect pity from others, I will use what I went through to help others. My archetype is the Caregiver, so true! My mission now is to get the message out and help those struggling with addiction or co-dependency.

I am excited about this new adventure and the opportunities being a Recovery Life Coach will have and looking forward to helping people be their best self.

This is, Being Me Sober

State of Mind Coaching

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